Monday, November 21, 2011

Fiscal Ambiguity In Popular Music.

I need a dollar, a dollar, a dollar is what I need. If I share my story with you will you share your dollar with me? (I'm paraphrasing there) So enquires Aloe Blacc in a gently irritating way and like a common beggar.. (out of all of the  radios at once).
Now, assuming I was  lacking in parsimony, overflowing with humanistic altruism and managed to muster enough interest to be bothered with his bloody story at the same time, where is my motivation? I can't help but feel that Lord Alan Sir Sugar of Amstrad, or those inferior TV half-dragon-half-money attic people would have a question or two about the future.
I feel Mr. Blacc has no clear idea of how his much his story might be worth to the passing public. Will it achieve the whole dollar? Is he open to fraud in this unregulated arm of financial services? His up front sales pitch is a little vague. This kind of ambiguity makes the whole deal look rather shaky as he appears to have overlooked several things:

  *He needs a dollar but is asking for 'a share' of mine so he can't possibly realise more than 99¢ from the transaction without redefining "share" or picking my pocket.
  *Does he expect me to be satisfied with up to 99% of his story?
  *Assuming I agree to a  50/50 share of my buck, will he only tell half a story?
  *What recourse do I have if his story is shit?
 *I might not have a dollar (63p) at all.

Surely he ought to fix a price per performance to achieve his goal and expect either to recount his story several times or, to greater efficiency, just once, to several people, like a sort of concert. It's the kind of investment planning and monitoring that might spare us all a second single, or worse, a comeback in years to come. If he gets it right this time he can really have his dollar and lie in it.
So I say to you Aloe Blacc. Go away. Think about how badly you need a dollar and if the need is still there after producing a business plan and contract that clarifies both our obligations, then feel free to ask again for a share of my 63p.


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