Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Craig Scotts Lobotomy

After being asked to listen to Technicolour Yawn by Craig Scotts Labotomy, I did.Then I listened to other CSL tracks on Soundcloud. Then Then I listened to the remixes before starting again.. After all that, some coffee and a cheeky double whiskey, I decided it was reminiscent of a lot of the weird shit I used to listen to in the early '90s after the friends had gone home, (Sheep On Drugs anyone? Anyone? No, I didn't think so). So on the day that JLS realised they were a bunch of  twats  and couldn't stand each other any longer and I was off work having the contents of my knacker sack fucked about with, it was good that this opportunity came along to take my mind off the dull ache of success.

It's always exciting when a new genre comes along, so as Medio-core labels this group, it's obviously in the middle, but of what? Hardcore and Softcore, drycore and wetcore? Not really, It's somewhere between Pop and Anti Pop, which is where a lot of fantastic noise is based. Most of CSL listens like an apparently directionless cacophony of sound which is more complex than initially meets the ear. Listen carefully to all of CSL and there are some extraordinary musical ingredients with a nod to the likes of Shpongle, The Avalanches and Aphex Twin right through to subtle flavours of Frank Zappa and Humphrey Lyttleton, even my old piano teacher is trapped in there somewhere and making no attempt to escape because she is having so much fun.

Technicolour Yawn is a clever reverse engineering and re-imagining of how music is made, like moving all the machines around in a factory and seeing the bizarre object that rolls out of the other end. There is no cliche, misrepresentaion or over-refinement in Technicolour Yawn. There is curiosity, discovery and evolution, things that are sorely lacking from the shit consumed out of the hand of Cowell & Co.

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